Data Recovery Foundation is a small company dedicated to publishing and design binding. This is realized by combining new digital printing capabilities with traditional fine binding techniques. DRF aims to create the highest quality, visual and textual books, bound in a manner that embodies its content. Our books are built for private collectors, art scholars, and libraries.


DRF currently publishes content based on the interests of it owners. We are open to publishing outside projects on a case-by-case basis. We can provide editing, layout, and pre-press capabilities. Please contact us with details about your idea.

Digital Printing

Digital presses and printing have come a long way. While these digital technologies are still advancing, present capabilities are equal, if not greater, than current offset quality. Leading paper manufactures are making uncoated, textured papers, specifically for the newest high-end digital presses. These capabilities can be extended with new pigment based printers. This allows us to produce very unique works in a shorter periods of time and with less capital overhead.


Our books are meant to be read and used regularly. Structurally, many commercial books released today are perfect bound, which are barely usable past a couple full readings, especially under heavy use. Perfect binding is cheap but limits the size and thickness of a book. Traditional sewing forms last many years longer and are repairable without loosing inner margins. The paper we use in our projects is acid free and made with cotton or alpha cellulose, yielding books that will not yellow or get brittle with time.